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  • Industry: Wholesale and Retail Trade
  • Headquarters: Mannheim
  • Founded: 2016

Our sustainability statement:
We're not perfect - and we never will be - but we're always looking for ways to improve... because "Why not". This is what we demand of ourselves. Therefore, we have already implemented several measures to reduce our carbon and plastic footprint, and we are working on many other things - Stay tuned!


We want to further eliminate CO2 hotspots and reduce our emissions along our supply chain. And finally compensate whatever we can't eliminate or reduce.

We aim to improve the social standards within our production facilities. This is a large bit of work, that we give high priority.

We send our products in plastic free, fsc-certified packaging

We ship our products in boxes or bags made of grass paper instead of plastic or recycled paper. Grass paper requires less energy, water and produces less CO2. For the implementation of this new packaging, we won the E-Commerce Germany Award in 2020 :)

In 2021 we achieved that all products that include cotton are made with organic cotton. Furthermore, we implemented a design policy: "cotton by default" - IF a product is made of cotton, it has to be organic cotton. GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain. The GOTS certification helps to meet all the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The Grüner Knopf is a government-run certification label for textiles. It is attached directly to the product, making it easy to find when shopping – in a reliable and consumer-friendly way.



Plastic Free Product Packaging


GOTS Certified Products


Grüner Knopf Certified Products


Plastic Free Packaging


Corporate Carbon Footprint 2019


Corporate Carbon Footprint 2020


Plastic Free Shipping Packaging

Culture & Values

Reduction of business travel Promoting bike travel Waste separation Sustainability Officer Minimal plastic consumption Electricity from renewables Minimal paper use Sustainability measurement

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Efforts, Achievements & Metrics

2020 effort

2020 metric value: 118,86 tones

2020 metric value: 100,49

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