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Rethinking sustainability

For a more transparent and greener business world.

Why sustainability?

We could now answer this question with a list of reasons for sustainability. That is why we do so! However, we also believe that in 2020, this part of the why? has long since been answered. We all know that sustainability is important and valuable in our private lives. But in the business world, there is much greater potential for real progress n towards a sustainable society.

Why ecosearch?

Whether buying products, selecting a new supplier, making investment decisions, for research purposes or when choosing a new employer... the times when buying and business decisions were made with half-knowledge are history through ecosearch. For us, ecosearch is much more than just a business register for sustainability. It is a philosophy, a way of life and a community. Our 100 Years Program (More about the beginnings here) Noneof us knows exactly what the future will bring, but we are determined to develop this vision ... all together. Stay tuned. So much of this history has not yet been written.

So, what do we actually do?

We create freely accessible and objective sustainability profiles of companies. This makes transparency child's play. There are exactly two things that matter: Data availability and data accuracy. That's why we also operate on two tracks:

We search the Internet in a structured manner for a wide variety of information on corporate sustainability.
We clearly combine these into our basic profiles.
Companies validate their profiles and build them into active company profiles with additional first-hand information.

With whom we work with

Help expanding our network

We can only achieve our vision with your help. We are in our infancy, developing at full speed and constantly integrating numerous new sources of information into our basic profiles. But you are missing relevant information about a company? Here, specific companies can be requested for individual data points or even complete profiles. We then work specifically with the respective companies to make information available in the company profiles as quickly as possible. In this way you also help us to expand our network of participating companies.

Our user profile

As a registered user, you can expect many more features, deeper insights and participation in the sustainable business world. Just a small insight:

Step 1
Export data in various formats
Step 2
Create a watchlist to be always informed about innovations
Step 3
Chat with other ecosearch users and the companies themselves
Step 4
Sharing best practices and blogs

Become a part of the active ecosearch network and thus a part of the sustainable business world. Register here for free!

Our company profile

We offer companies the platform to share their efforts. For this, companies can claim their basic profile and actively manage it as a company profile. This means, among other things:

Step 1
Correct, validate and expand your profile with primary data
Step 2
Share many more specific projects, successes and best practices
Step 3
Chat with ecosearch users

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