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Hi, THAT is Rena & Alex! When they are not working on Ecosearch, then...yes, good question!

These two have incredible drive and the ability to add two days to a 7-day week.

If you want to dream big, you need space first and foremost. The story of ecosearch therefore begins in Sanssouci Palace Park. 'What drives us?'' 'What do we want to achieve with our startup?'' 'What kind of people do we want to work with?'' Asking and answering these questions (and 100 more) creates clarity... about each other and about yourself.

Post-its! Having smart thoughts is one thing. Writing them down is another! Rena uses many (all) methods for this: Google Notes, Google Docs, Desktop Notes, Asana,Keep analog notebooks... How she keeps track? The really important thoughts come on Post its! (At this point, we deliberately didn't choose a picture of the wall above Rena's desk). In Sanssouci, the first goals are also recorded on Post-its...all that's missing is the sparkling idea...

Brainstorming and Hackathons - name a more iconic duo! If you have ideas or are looking for some, a Google hackathon is the right place to be! Here the two meet Philipp, a passionate developer looking for a challenge. His goal: to make the business world sustainable! Two became three.

Most inventions come from trying to solve your own problems! 'Why are we founding?'' Because we want to work for a company that is actively shaping the future of our ecosystem with a sustainable business model. #Purpose But how do you find out if a company is doing just that? ???

The idea of ecosearch is born! And the name says it all!

Unexpected often comes...
Is it nice that Jolene had to end her year abroad in California early? No! Are we still happy about it? Definitely! When we meet Jolene and tell her about our idea, she is immediately enthusiastic. She brings experience and structure to our product development and completes the founding trio!

(Short) coffee break...

Most of our concepts were created here. Adobe XD and Figma quickly bring ideas to life. Berlin cafés and the startup scene belong together. Here's a list of our favorite spots! 'Pack your bags, we're going on a pilgrimage to Mocha' flowerpot

Action movies are unrealistic, aren't they? Heroes in emergency situation, hopeless situation, rescue in the last second...is known! In fact, that's exactly how it works for us! When Philipp and Alex hit a bottleneck while coding, Elena appears on their radar. Her request via LinkedIn comes at just the right time and proves that action movies are more realistic than imagined.

Unorthodox aber effektiv. Alex (gedultsbegabt) überspringt gelegentlich die Mockup-Phase und setzt Ideen direkt im Frontend um. Das spart Zeit und ermöglicht uns, Funktionalitäten sofort zu testen.

Customer Experience rules!!! (Rena's motto) Quick user tests clarify design and feature issues during product development. This way we don't lose time when there are disagreements in the team.

Digital, modern, sensible... In times of Corona Wave X we leave our 'small room' office and work remotely. Discord gives us the possibility to hold spontaneous meetings and use coffee breaks for small talk.

Whether offline or online: When Philipp and Alex meet in 'Philipp's Cave' to code, one thing must not be missing: Music! Techno bunker, Brainfood and trepi4ever have accompanied many a long night. The flow is real!

Pandemic plus Berlin's winter slump: a challenge for the mind.

From bed, to desk, to couch and back to bed... Without the social balance, it's hard to stay on the ball creatively and be productive. Remote Culture workshops at Disord lift spirits. Here, we celebrate the internal launch of our prototype with the ceremonial breaking of a tortilla chip. 'Among us' helps relieve frustration!

Get up with the first rays of sunshine, coffee from the French Press, wax the board, put on the wetsuit And then greet the day with the first waves On the Atlantic coast in France and Spain, Philipp experiences the 'Total Reset' every day and has his most productive time coding.

Can you have too many ideas? Definitely. Once we implement something, it tears down creative walls. Asana helps us stay on top of things. (And I recognize that time is running out...) Prioritization is and always will be our nemesis! (Praise Jolene! Without you we would have been lost long ago!)

The 'EM' behind the ecosearch story.... Hi, I'm Erik. When ecosearch was founded, I wanted to take some photos for the team 'just for a short time'. Now I work in marketing and help create a sustainable business strategy. Why? Because passion is obviously even more contagious than the C-word. And Rena, Jolene, Elena, Alex and Philipp are super spreaders in this regard!

Much of our story is not yet written! Currently we are concentrating all our resources on the implementation of the key features of ecosearch. But all the ideas that are worth to be developed further are written on post-its! (Rena promised that!)

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